Tuesday, August 07, 2007

summer Update :)

wow.. Its been sooo long since I posted here that I forgot my password! But ... after a day of thinking about it.. it finally came too me .. and arent you glad?

What have we been doing this summer?
swimming, camping, traveling, fiesta texas, more swimming, "spring cleaning", painting, riding our bikes together as a family, seeing our flowers bloom :) watching movies, enjoying the cool weather and rain (yes .. you right correctly), reading a few books, playing a few video games :) the list goes on and on :) most importantly we have enjoyed being together :)

Heres a few pictures from this summer:

We are looking forward to the new school year ... heres what we are looking forward too:
  • going to the library without the "schools out crowd"
  • co-op, which will be our first co-op ever.... the kids will learn spanish, sign language, art (I am teaching), music, science, and pe. :)
  • Mom is looking forward to getting to attend the homeschool family conference in a few weeks
  • using some new curr. (Abeka)
  • enjoying some old curr. (Story of the world and others:)
  • we really miss our afternoon reading time .. we are all looking forward to getting to read together
  • being back on our 'schedule' :)
  • going to our zoo.. which will have its new entrance/educational building and new animals on display this fall :)
  • learning field trips :)

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josha said...

fun summer!